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Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to register an account in advance to advertise?

  • Yes, in order to add advertisment(s), you need to register a normal user account in advance. Registration is fast and easy! Start here
    This step creates a basic Autodealer account for you and gives you the opportunity to add your company's account(s) to the same account later, if necessary.

I want to sell a car as a regular user, but I want an invoice for my company. Can this be done without having to register a separate business account?

  • Yes, you can! To do this, set your company as the recipient of the invoice in the invoice preferences under the settings of your regular user account.

How much does advertising cost?

  • You can find price information for advertisements for both private and business customers here - Pricelist

As a business customer/car dealership, how can I add several different physical point of sales?

* If you have already created a basic user account beforehand then to add a new legal entity and/or physical point of sale simply log in to your basic account and add a new legal entity and/or point of sale. You can do it here. It will be linked to you basic account automatically.

  • In order for a business customer to be able to add different physical points of sale to his basic account, you must first register as a basic customer account here, and then, while logged in, you can register as many points of sale as needed with the same e-mail you used to register you initial basic customer's account. Just make sure you are logged in and use the same e-mail address. New points of sale are automatically added to your account and you can easily navigate between different points of sale using the "Change account" button.